Welcome to EAP Lab

EAPLab is an artist-run initiative that aims to create a network with the ability to develop, expand and connect with international artists and scientists who conduct research in light, colour, form and space perception.

EAPLab aims to work closely together in experimental and concept based art projects, exhibitions and architectural projects.

EAP Lab is a laboratory for light,
sound and spacial research

Upcoming Events

Opening See Lab


Artist of EAP Lab are joining a new foundation located on the Duinstraat in Scheveningen / The Hague Beach. We are working hard at redesigning the place and wish to open to give a grand opening in September 2016!

An unforgettable experience!

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Past Events


CONNECT is an open minded experiment, an installation and the result of a three-month collaboration in EAP Lab between the artist Rubins J. Spaans and the technician with a deep interest in (theoretical) physics Remco Jongejan.

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REFLECT will give form to a dynamic and experimental space, an ongoing program of performances, installations and sound and light compositions in the building of EAP Lab, organized by group of interdisciplinary artists.

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Rubins J. Spaans

Light and Colour

Mark Veliscek


Remco Jongejan


Liam J. Niemeijer

Experience Media

Savas Tubbing

Audio Engineering

Awinash Panchu

Interactive Installations


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Rubins J. Spaans
+316 27898963